Message by the Director of SANDESHA A Foundation for Culture and Education

A warm and hearty welcome to SANDESHA...a Temple of Art and Culture, a renovated world of Fine Arts, of discovery and creativity. Long ago dance and music was a part of every human's life... until a wave of acute materialism, consumerism and commercialism rose and took us for a ride... away from the feel of the earth under our feet and nature's sweet music... and took us further away, from the ancient man's interpretation of nature through music and dance.

I believe that it is so very important to keep in touch with the elementary in each of us, revoke the deep respect for life that lies buried under layers selfish wants...where not long ago it found expression in music and dance. To recreate such a contact with our inner selves, to bring out the vibrancy latent in all of us through ancient practices of Indian classical dance forms and music, SANDESHA was created.

A contentment so very lacking in today's man is what SANDESHA can gift to you by sharing the wisdom and knowledge passed on to its teachers through generations of Artistes. SANDESHA shares this treasure with all those who are interested through its Classes, Seminars, Symposia, Exhibitions and in-house productions of Ballet, Kalotsava and other annual cultural activities.

Would you like to join us in our effort to preserve and spread the rich cultural heritage of India?
Maybe that niggling feeling of a lack in your life could be eliminated by expression through dance or music or painting.

Do you want to feel that ecstasy that thousands of Artistes have felt in pursuance of these art forms?
Then I welcome you to the peaceful environs of SANDESHA... a seat of learning, of discovery, of discipline and above all of joy. You will feel the vibrations of thousands of Saints who have walked into Sandesha.

SANDESHA Foundation for culture and Education is a registered public trust, functioning under the auspices of the Karnataka Regional Catholic Bishops' Council.




Most Rev Henry D'Souza,
Bishop of Bellary


Rev. Fr Victor Vijay Lobo 





Most Rev. Dr Aloysius Paul D'Souza,
Bishop of Mangaluru


Most Rev. Gerald Isaac Lobo,
Bishop of Udupi


Rev Fr Ivan Pinto


Mr Roy Castelino



















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